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Calacatta Magnifico

Calacatta Magnifico is perfect for bringing a touch of elegance to both classic and contemporary interiors.


This variant has a pure, ivory-coloured background, with marked warm grey veins, characterised by tone-on-tone colour shifts that offer a faithful reproduction of the metamorphic process through which the natural material is formed. The VEIN-TECH variant of this product sets a new frontier for the technical development of Infinity slabs: technology and nature take giant steps towards one another on slabs that offer unique performance and an incredibly natural look, thanks to the exclusive Infinity technology with veins right through the body of the tile and an HD appearance.
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  • Dimensions

    1600 x 3200 mm

    1620 x 3240 mm

  • Thickenss

    6 mm LUC

    12 mm LUC

    12 mm SAT

    20 mm LUC - VEIN-TECH

    20 mm SAT - VEIN-TECH


Calacatta Magnifico